Good projects always start with a good base. Siniat knows this and offers high quality gypsum suitable for different applications: preparing the base walls for plasterboards, leveling out big or small irregularities on building surfaces or even casting different shapes and forms.

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GTEC Socket Pads

GTEC Socket Pads are used to protect the fire and acoustic integrity of partitions where electrical sockets are used.

Siniat Cove Adhesive

A gypsum based adhesive with a 40 minute working time for easy and fast fixing of cove.

GTEC Cove 120

Gypsum plaster moulding in a larger traditional cove profile, provides an attractive feature at the junction of walls and ceilings.

GTEC Cove 90

Gypsum plaster moulding in a traditional cove profile, provides an attractive feature at the junction of walls and ceilings.

GTEC Drywall Sealer

Ivory, pre-decoration coat for plasterboard. Use with GTEC Aqua Board prior to applying a paint finish.

GTEC Universal Sealer

For use on plasterboard prior to paint and wallpaper application. Improved whiteness and covering power. Does not provide a vapour control layer.

GTEC Duo Bead

Galvanised steel angle bead with 3mm nose for drywall corner reinforcement.

GTEC Corner 90º External

Tape-On Beads are a paper tape reinforced with galvanised metal for protection of external corners and board edges. Used for taping and jointing.

Siniat Deco Joint Cement

Deco Air-Drying Compound Ready-Mixed – Siniat Deco Joint Cement is a light-weight, ready-mixed compound which must be used for the final coat of the jointing process and can be used for bedding and filling when using the Siniat Deco System. Can be used in automatic taping machines.

Siniat Aquamix

Siniat Aquamix is a water resistant ready-mixed joint cement – For use with GTEC Aqua system in severe wet applications, such as swimming pools.

Siniat Smartmix

Air-Drying Compound Ready-Mixed – Siniat Smartmix is a ready-mixed compound offering easy application, superior coverage and easy sanding.

Siniat Joint Cement

Air-Drying Compound – Siniat Joint Cement is an air-drying compound mainly used for stage 2 and 3 of the jointing process: the finishing first coat and second coat.

Siniat Multipurpose Joint Compound

Setting / Air-Drying Combined – Siniat Multipurpose Joint Compound is a gypsum based compound designed for all 3 stages of the jointing process including bedding, filling and finishing joints.

Siniat Joint Filler

Setting Compound – Siniat Joint Filler is a gypsum based joint compound designed for stage 1 of the jointing process, bedding and filling plasterboard joints.

TileBacker Joint Tape

An alkaline resistant joint tape for use with Siniat TileBacker.

Weather Defence Joint Tape

A single sided adhesive tape for exterior use, providing a high-performance air and weather tightness seal. For use with Weather Defence.

GTEC Aquastrip

This mesh strip is used in the GTEC Aqua System to protect exposed drylining perimeters for wet applications.

GTEC Flex Tape

Cross fibre paper tape with heat bonded zinc coated steel strips for the protection of external corner angles.

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